A Tradition of Great Taste

About R.L. Zeigler Company, LLC

Mr. R. L. Zeigler was born in Greenville, Alabama in the 1890s. He was raised on his family's farm where he learned the value of hard work and honesty. After completing grade school, he moved to Bessemer, Alabama where he began learning about the grocery business and eventually opened his own grocery store.

While operating his grocery store, Mr. Zeigler recognized an opportunity and began making sausage for the local steel mill workers as a sideline. He became famous for his outstanding sausage, and in 1927 his business had grown such that he bought a meat packing house and founded the R. L. ZEIGLER COMPANY.

Mr. Zeigler's commitment to excellence was not limited to just his "Seasoned to Please" motto. He instilled his commitment to quality in his employees, to the extent that they exhibited the same pride in the company that was expressed by their founder. He introduced the first vacuum packed lunch meat in Alabama, an innovation which paved the way for meat packaging principles used today.

"Do what's right, and never compromise on quality." -

Mr. R. L. Zeigler