Purveyors of Quality Meat Since 1927

Welcome to the online home of R. L. Zeigler Co., Inc. and thank you for your interest in our company and our products. We hope you find the information you are looking for. If not, drop us an email using the form on the Contact tab. We would love to hear your Zeigler story.

Our registered slogans "Seasoned to Please" and "A Tradition of Great Taste" tell our story. Every day we strive to produce and sell meat products that are "Seasoned to Please" and we've done that for over 80 years. We take pride in the flavor and taste of our products and hope that you find them delicious.

The secret blend of spices that season our products has been handed down through the years. Zeigler wieners, Zeigler bologna, and Zeigler bacon have been staples for southern families for generations.

Try a Zeigler Tender Smoked Ham*, a Black Pepper Finest Baked Ham, or a Pecan Smoked Turkey*. Any of these will make a great centerpiece for your family gathering.

Many of our products are convenient and easy to prepare with that great southern flavor that makes one think of Mama's kitchen, family, and home. Next time you're buying groceries, pick up Zeigler brand meats and see if you agree.

meat products, packaged meats, tuscaloosa al
meat products, packaged meats, tuscaloosa al

Choose from a wide variety of meats:

•Hot dogs
•Packaged bacon
•Smoked sausage
•Red hots

meat products, packaged meats, tuscaloosa al